Discover the region Haute-Marne, located near the Route du Soleil (A31)

The Environment

Rural location near the Route du Soleil (A31)

The Haute-Marne offers untouched nature with beautiful lakes and charming cities full of sights. The Haute-Marne also offers a lot of space for walks and (motor) bike rides in the surrounding nature reserves. The hilly landscape is easily accessible. The Middle Ages left an important mark on the landscape. Many churches and abbeys from this time have been preserved. You can also still see city walls from that time in several places.

Be sure to visit the various towns and villages. It’s like going back in time. Interesting cities you can visit are:

  • Chaumont;
  • Saint-Dizier;
  • Langres;
  • Dijon;
  • Montier-en-Der.

Near our Maison, you can visit several wine estates for a tour and/or a wine tasting.

A visit to the local flea markets and vide-greniers and the famous Baths of Bourbonne-les-Bains are also worth a visit. Below a link with several ideas:

Of course, we can share with you all the highlights of the region.